Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer Review

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is a home pressure washer designed to handle all residential needs. It excels at blasting dirt and grime off of decks, siding, and walls. It’s also a perfect option for washing campers and recreational vehicles. Sun Joe, from the popular Snow Joe line, is a high-quality model that ranks near the top of most ‘best pressure washer’ rankings. In this unit, you will find a well-built and well-designed machine ideal for cleaning the exterior of your home.

What makes the SPX3000 an excellent home model? It’s specifications. With a flow of 1.76 GPM and a 14.5-Amp motor, it packs the punch needed to handle a variety of cleaning tasks. It also boasts a respectable 2030 PSI. This extra power helps cut through the toughest of residential funkiness. The most common residential funk includes oil stains, rust, and caked on mud. This unit can handle just about anything the average homeowner can throw its way.

Onboard, you’ll notice the SPX3000 features dual detergent tanks. With two tanks, you can load up and store two detergents simultaneously. Dual tanks are especially useful if you’re taking on multiple grimy challenges. A handy dial allows for easy switching between the two detergent tanks. Dual tanks is a nice touch that is not seen in every model.

As you can tell this pressure washer by Sun Joe sounds great on paper. However, fancy specifications and name recognition only go so far. As an outdoorsman who likes to play in the mud, having a reliable pressure washer is almost a necessity. After trying the SPX3000, here is what I found.


Here are the best qualities of the Sun Joe SPX3000.

Powerful Enough

The tougher stains don’t always respond to some of the wimpier pressure washer models. And the toughest stains can quickly make underpowered models look very wimpy. The SPX3000 provides ample power (2030 PSI) and a proper flow rate. When combined with the strong motor, you have a pressure washer that is powerful enough to get those tough stains that have been needing a cleaning for years. Using the various nozzles, as I talk about below, unlocks this power even more.

Dual Detergent Tanks

Two tanks open up a few possibilities here. For example, you can load each tank up with a different detergent designed to battle different types of stains. You could also combine two detergents. For big jobs, load both tanks with the same detergent. No matter the configuration, the ability to improvise is helpful. For switching between the two tanks, there is an easy to use dial.

Quick Connect Spray Nozzles

Different jobs require different amounts of water pressure. In some cases, the material being cleaned may not hold up to higher amounts of pressure. You’ll also have certain stains or spills that just don’t require maximum pressure for an efficient cleaning. The quick connect nozzles let you change your pressure from high (thin, pencil-like stream) to low (fan shape). There’s also a nozzle for soap dispensing. That nozzle is perfect for pre-soaking the extra tough grease and grime. Unlike some models that require the wand to be taken apart, these nozzles screw right in. They can be changed within a few seconds.

Total Stop System

Sun Joe uses their TSS (Total Stop System) to increase longevity and effectiveness. The TSS automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged. Not only does this save energy, but it also saves plenty of wear and tear on the pump system and the unit overall. Without a system like this in place, the pump life can be shortened significantly. Of course, saving energy is also beneficial environmentally and financially.


This lightweight unit is easy to get around, with tough rear wheels that are comfortable on pavement or in the lawn. The power cord and hose are both of adequate length. As far as maneuvering this model physically, it’s easy to use. Keep in mind this unit is electric, and not gas. It’s quiet and less disruptive in comparison to some of its counterparts.

Very Little Assembly

The Sun Joe SPX3000 comes essentially fully assembled. After screwing on the hose and a few attachments, you’re ready to wash. Unboxing and assembly shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes for most people.

Easy on the Eyes

While looks rank near the bottom of the list for pressure washer necessities, it’s still worth noting: the SPX3000 is a sharp looking unit. It’s sleek in design, reminiscent of high-end models. It’s clean cut, no frills, and no wasted space or material. It is a true example of what a pressure washer really is: a tool.


On the other hand, here are a few of the negatives that stuck out:

Lacks Power of Gas Units

For an electric unit, the SPX3000 is one of the most powerful by any standard. But even the best electric washers can’t match the GPM and PSI numbers product by gas units. Essentially, keep in mind that this unit is a residential model. If you are looking for a commercial outfit, then this isn’t the ideal pressure washer for you. I will say, this unit is much quieter than gas models.

Garden Hose Adapter

This is an issue that isn’t uncommon amongst residential pressure washer units. The hose adapter, over time, is susceptible to developing leaks. The nozzle, made of plastic, has a tough time handling the weight of a long hose that is full of water.

Bottom Line

What I enjoyed most about the Sun Joe SPX3000 is how easy and simple it is to operate. It’s user-friendly even for those who aren’t very mechanically inclined. With such little assembly required, this model is basically ready to get to work right out of the box. The quick change nozzles make moving from job to job much easier, whether it’s cleaning a car or a driveway. You can’t ask much more from a residential pressure washer.

If you’re in the market for a versatile and easy to use pressure washer, look no further than this model by Sun Joe.

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