SIMPSON MSH3125-S MegaShot Pressure Washer Review

Simpson Cleaning is known and respected for their high-quality equipment and products, and the MSH3125-S model pressure washer is no exception. This model was made to have the best of both worlds.

It’s durable and sturdy, with an ability to clean like the commercial grade models. It’s also lightweight and efficient. Combined, the final result adds up to a great pressure washer for home use. Don’t be fooled, though, as this is no ordinary residential model.

The MSH3125-S is a gas model, which is always preferred for heavy duty jobs. One major benefit of this model is the gas motor itself, which is made by Honda. The Honda engine is strong and famously reliable. Considering that the motor is one of the most important parts to a pressure washer, this goes a long way. With minor upkeep and maintenance work, you’ll have a motor that will run strong for years to come.

The high quality even extends to the frame. The frame’s galvanized steel is very strong but light enough to make using this pressure washer manageable. Simpson Cleaning sprung for heavy duty pneumatic tires on this model which was a great choice. These wheels are capable on any terrain, wet or dry. The light frame and strong wheels make moving the pressure washer around the outside of your house or job site an easy task.

The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S is one of the highest rated gas pressure washers on the market. But you’re probably still wondering if this unit lives up to the hype and is as capable as some say it is. As someone who uses a pressure washer on a near weekly basis, I wanted to give this model a try. Here’s what I found.


Here’s what I liked most about this pressure washer.

Honda Motor – Honda is a respected maker of small motors and using their motors in their pressure washers give Simpson Cleaning extra credibility. Small parts on any machine are usually easily replaced, but an engine is not. Having the reliability that this motor brings is a big reason why this is a top choice. Plus, the motor is strong. It produces over 3,000 PSI, which is strong enough for tough jobs like decks, patios, and sidewalks. These numbers firmly make this model a ‘medium-duty’ pressure washer, which is more than suitable for residential use.

High-Quality Hose – The hose is one part of a pressure washer you may not think about much until you use one that is inflexible, brittle, and heavy. The hose on the MSH3125-S is a MorFlex, high-pressure hose. It’s kink and abrasion resistant. It’s also much lighter than your standard water hose. This is one more part that you won’t need to worry about replacing very often or if ever. All of the connectors seem to fit snug, too.

Overall Build Quality – When using the MSH3125-S, no part feels cheap or flimsy. From the ground up, this model is made with quality pieces and materials. The frame is strong. The unit does not jump around or move while running, which you will see in the lower end models. The wheels are oversized and tough. Wet grass or mud is no problem for those beefy tires. Even the plastic parts are sturdy and well fitting.

Solid Pump – The pump is a solid compliment to the impressive Honda motor. It’s an axial cam pump that is maintenance free. It’s simple design provide the unit with more than enough flow (2.5 GPM) for heavier duty cleaning. Again, a major component that requires little or no upkeep to function at it’s best. A nice feature is the location of the pump: near the top of the unit. That makes changing and connection hoses easier.

5 Spray Tips – Different jobs require different tactics for cleaning. When you have a model with this much power, you need to use the correct tip to prevent using too much force. This model comes with multiple tips and a cleaning tip to apply detergent with.


The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S is a great tool. However, there were a couple of things I wasn’t a fan of.

Short Hose – The hose itself is made from a durable and light material, as I discussed above. Unfortunately, the hose only measures about 25 feet. This is shorter than most models. It may not be an issue for all, but it definitely will be for some people. In some cases have to move the unit much more frequently, which is time-consuming. There are longer hoses available with the same durable and lightweight material. Considering that you’ll have to spend more money to be a longer hose or a hose extension, hose length earned a spot in the ‘Cons’ section.

Weight Distribution – The motor and pump aren’t exactly centered over the axle in a perfect way. For this reason, there is some weight imbalance. Getting the unit from an upright position to a tilted position required some effort. For taller individuals, this will be more of an issue as well because the unit is short overall. The big tires and steel frame help minimize these issues to an extent. Personally, this seems like something that could be corrected in future models without too much difficulty.

Unit Height – This model sits low to the ground. While it helps with stability, it can make bending down to access connectors a pain in the butt. Taller folks will notice this quickly


All told, the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S is a great choice for a residential power washer. Being a gas powered model, it outperforms the smaller and weaker electric powered units. It can handle the jobs (oil stains, chemical stains) those units can’t. What I liked most about this unit is how well it was made. You get your money’s worth. The smaller components are made to last, just like the steel frame and Honda engine.

If you are looking for a gas powered pressure washer that can handle jobs of all sizes, you should consider this one from Simpson Cleaning. With the right technique and cleaning chemicals, there are few jobs that this unit can’t handle.

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