The Many Applications of a Capable Pressure Washer

The pressure washer is becoming a more and more popular appliance in homes across the country, and can be used to clean almost anything in the house, including car seats, air conditioner filters, and more. According to one study, the top commercial purposes are window washing, gutter cleaning, pool cleaning, parking lot cleaning, outdoor maintenance, and cleaning the chimney sweep. However, in the home, there are many more common purposes for private use. Some of the top in-home uses are listed below.

Before you begin, be sure to familiarize yourself with the variety of nozzles. This is incredibly important because it is essential to change the nozzle (and thus change the pressure of the water) in order to clean various surfaces.


Cleaning a grill by hand is one of the more awful cleaning tasks around the house. The grease gets burned into the metal, and it takes strength and struggle to remove it. Luckily, cleaning a grill with a pressure washer makes it a breeze.

To clean the grill, be sure to first disconnect the grill from either the electricity, the propane tank, or the natural gas line. Then start with the low pressure nozzle to get rid of loose grease, grime, and fat attached to the metal. You can then attach a strong degreasing soap and spray it, letting it soak in for about five minutes. After that, blast the grill with a stronger tip, either the 25 or 15 degree ones, to get rid of stubborn stains. Finally, rinse the grill with a 45 degree nozzle to clear away the soap and loosened dirt.

Cars & Trucks

Cars and trucks are one of the more popular options for people, as it can take an hour long car wash (scrubbing by hand) and turn it into a ten minute easy spray. If you follow directions, you won’t have to worry about damaging your car’s more fragile bits, such as the mirrors and any canvas covers.

First, rinse your car with a low-pressured tip to get rid of the salt, loose dirt, and mud. Then, apply detergent to your car, starting at the bottom and moving your way to the top. After about five minutes, stand 3-4 feet away and rise the car top-down. Don’t forget to was the underside of your car, since dirt and salt can mess up the engine and pipes.

Outdoor Furniture

Most people with a yard or porch also have some outdoor furniture, and it is very easy for this furniture to get dirty and grimy since it spends all the time in the sun, wind, and rain. However, a quick rinse with a pressure washer and you can transform your grimy plastic, vinyl, or wood furniture into something that looks brand new.

Variety of Gear

This is a catch-all section that includes medium-sized items around the house, including everything from power equipment (tillers and chainsaws), transportation (lawn mowers, mountain bikes, trailers, and boats), a swimming pool, and even random hard to clean items like dog houses, go karts, bird baths, and some lawn ornaments.

Boats are famous for being especially difficult to maintain, but you can streamline the process using a variety of nozzles to adapt to the various surfaces on your boat. If you want to clean a swimming pool, be sure to use a hot water pressure washer (that has the ability to produce steam) to get rid of any mold buildup. This will ensure you have a microbe-free surface.

Home Exteriors & Windows

The exterior of your home and it’s windows are high up, and can collect stubborn dirt and mildew over time. A pressure washer is a great way to clean these hard to access surfaces without having to risk your health on a ladder or otherwise putting yourself at a dangerous height while cleaning. It is easy and makes a huge difference in how your house looks overall. Pressure washers can clean any type of housing from wood, brick, stone, to house siding.

Wooden Surfaces

Pressure washers can be used to clean a variety of wooden surfaces, including fences, wood decks, gazebos, stairs, furniture, and more. There are several benefits to having clean wood – not only does it look fresh and beautiful, but clean wood is safer too. If your gazebo or patio has a wood floor, once it is clean you won’t be slipping on dirty wood covered in mildew.

To clean wooden surfaces, begin with a low pressure nozzle (the white attachment), and always stay two to three feet away. Avoid high pressure nozzles, because they can strip finish from the wood. Also, they can embed particles deep into the wood (water or soap), causing it to bend, warp, and rot over time.

Metal Surfaces

Most metal surfaces can be quickly and easily cleaned by a pressure washer as well. This includes metal fencing, gutters, drain pipes, alloy wheels, metal roofs, and more. For metal, be sure to use a high pressure tip, and don’t get too close to the metal, or the high-pressured water could scratch it. Staying the standard two to three feet away will suffice.

Concrete, Brick, & Tile

This large variety of surfaces are some of the hardest to clean around the house (next to, perhaps, the grill), and yet if the effort is made they can transform a house from shabby to well-kept. The most popular place to clean is the concrete driveway; it is large, flat, and easy to clean in ten minutes without worry by a pressure washer. Next is the front entrance walkway and steps, which are often made of concrete, brick, tile, or a mix of the three. Keep these two areas clean greatly increases your home’s curbside appeal. Patios, a popular entertaining place, especially in good weather, are also cleaned by pressure washers, no matter the material.

Wrap Up

These places are some of the most difficult to clean places around the house, but with a powerful pressure washer they can be scrubbed of oil and grease stains with relative ease. Be sure to use the high pressure nozzle and detergent when washing (but never the red nozzle!).

  • April 8, 2017
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