How to Efficiently Pressure Wash Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

The best patio furniture is inviting furniture, so you can host summer picnics, bbqs, or even piñata parties. If your furniture is dirty and grimy no one will want to use it. However, hand washing your outdoor furniture takes hours of scrubbing, and the process is time consuming hard work. On the other hand pressure washers can clean it fast, use less water, and using them is effortless and fun.

Set the Scene

First, move all your patio furniture to sit together on a flat surface relatively far from the house. They should be arranged so that you can spray away from your home (especially away from the windows and doors) while cleaning. Go ahead and leave on all the cushions and canvas, since pressure washing will clean everything!

Prep the Pressure Washer

Attach the garden hose to your pressure washer and put on the white forty degree nozzle (the second lowest pressure nozzle next to the black nozzle). If you need to switch to a higher pressure later on (such as the green 25 degree nozzle), there is no problem. Usually detergent is not required for patio furniture, but you might choose to use some for stubborn plastic stains or issues with other hard surfaces. Also, at this point be sure to put on some protective gear, including gloves, closed-toed shoes, pants, and goggles.

Wash the Furniture

Going piece by piece, wash each piece of furniture from the top-down. Note that it is unlike the process for a swimming pool, car, or boat, as streaking is not an issues with patio furniture. Be sure to spray the furniture from two to three feet away to start, and you can move closer as needed for tougher and harder-to-clean spots. If you are at six inches away and it still isn’t effective, you might choose to switch to a higher pressure nozzle. You can also use a higher pressure nozzle for sturdy, non-wooden tables or iron furniture.

If you have any wooden furniture, it is very important that you stay with the white (40 degree) or black (65 degree) nozzles while washing or rinsing. If you use any higher pressure with wood, the water or soap can get injected deep into the wood, and over time the wood will warp and rot from the inside.

Pesky stains can be washed by hand if it’s not coming out. Just use a utility brush, soap and hot water to focus a little more time and energy where needed.

Rinse the Furniture

Once your furniture is clean, you can switch back to the black nozzle (low pressure) to rinse away the dirt. Pay special attention to the cushions, where dirt and detergent can hide. You are done! Let the furniture dry and return them to where they belong.

When to Wash?

Remember, it is best to wash your furniture once a year, at the beginning of spring (specifically around the first time you mow the lawn). Depending on where you live (and the local climate), you might choose to do an additional wash later in the year.

Which Pressure Washer to Use?

Although any pressure washer would work, you want to look for a medium-duty electric pressure washer. These are portable, easy to use, and easy to maintain. If, however, you are planning on doing more heavy-duty cleaning around the house, you might consider a gas-powered pressure washer instead.

  • April 10, 2017
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