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Though we mainly cover outdoor power tools like pressure washers and portable generators, we also have several guides on indoor tools, knives, hand tools, as well as specialized professional tool. We believe that buying the proper tools for a job, irrespective of their price, should be a right and not a privilege.

So far, we had the opportunity to review countless pressure washers from a host of different brands – and that has allowed us to come up with thorough guides like the following:

In addition to these, our expertise with pressure washers have led us to post countless general articles about pressure washers that are informative to the extent that they’ll answer all the questions that a general user may have about one particular aspect of pressure washing.

It was a similar situation with portable generators, which we tested a lot as well. That resulted in a similar outcome – we ended up testing for months and then came up with various guides targeted towards beginner to intermediate level potential buyers, who would want to verify their knowledge and understanding before taking the plunge of buying an expensive tool like a portable generator.

Work is underway to get access to a lot more types of tools in the near future, so that we can expand our domain and grow our handy little website further, reaching more enthusiasts as well as beginners in the process.

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